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Nawti Nikki

I'm the One Your momma warned you about

Hi, i'm nawti nikki...the one your mom warned you to stear clear of.

I am about as kinky as you can get and love to play rough. I am a bit of a switch, so cum see which mood you can bring out.

I hope you don't hold it against me that I don't have a fancy ad with lots of animation and graphics. As a matter of fact, my girlfriend had to put this together for me, because I am hopeless with computer stuff! I am just a hot lil vixen who enjoys phone play and knowing that my voice turns others on.


My body was made to be teased...I have a nice tight pussy and ass and really get into anal sex.

(oops! did you notice that my top fell down?!)

I am a hot, sexy bitch and cant wait to hear you cum with me. My limits include beastiality, incest, anything dealing with kids, scat and anything concidered illegal. I do get into infantism, age play, rough play, etc. If your not sure, just ask me if i will do never know till ya try.

vibrating egg
pleasure pearls
four different vibrators in different sizes
anal beads
candles (i love wax play)
clothes pins
getting hot guys off on the phone
mutual masterbation

also, my nipples and tongue are pierced and soon I'll be getting my clitoral hood pierced and a chain to connect them!

Is your cock hard yet? don't touch it till you call Me!! I will make it harder, then you can tell me what gets you off.

I have some really hot pictures of my pussy that I will send you for just a couple of dollars each. Once I get some customers, they'll get them for free or cheap.

If you'd like a picture (or several) right now, please send me an e-mail. They're just $2.00 each through pay-to-view.

Please don't send me e-mail saying how you are going to call me for a long time and you want free minutes and/or free pictures! I have already been warned and know that guys like that never do what they say they'll do.

I am a very hot bitch and my time is valuable, so freebies and discounts will be only for my customers.

I will respond to all e-mails.

Customers of 3 minutes or more will get free responses.

Others will have to pay $1.00 for short quick responses, and $5.00 and up for longer ones. Yes, I do erotic writings and am happy to share my real life slavery with you.


2 minutes
7 minutes
my fantasy
2 minutes
me and my vibe