Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

DommeZen: A Loving, Sensual Domme.

These are a few of the things I'm into:
  • Making it Real: You bring your toys with you to the call. Between my imagination, your fantasies and your toys, you'll have a great time!
  • Immediately getting down and dirty with those interested in a quick release. I've got more bang for your buck, baby. Pull Down Your Pants and Jack Off For me NOW!
  • Woman to Woman Calls: TS Women or Natally Born Women call for various fantasies such as strapon, oral, bdsm, rough, anal, spanking, etc.
  • Feminization (my favorite) -- Maids, Sissies, Male Lesbians and other gender non conformists. Be My Lesbian Lover!
  • Disciipline and Punishment: Spanking, Cropping, Paddling, CBT, Chastity, etc. Have You Been Bad?
  • Cuckold Fantasies: Cuckolded by a Lesbian, Interacial Cuckolds, Small Cock Humiliation, Cream Pie, Ass Worship, Fluffer Duty, etc. My Strapon Cock is Bigger Than Your Cock!
  • Teasing & Denial (one of my favorites): Edging, Chastity, Long term controlled masturbation, Orgasm Control, etc.
  • Bondage Fantasies
  • Threesomes, multiples -- two women and a man, two men and a women, bisexuality, gang bang, whoring, etc.
  • You as the party favor
  • Maid service
  • Forced Femme
  • Verbal Humiliation (optional)
  • Medical Fantasies: Naughty Nurse gyno exams for men.
  • Lesbian Seduction Fantasies: One of the biggest fantasies and most frequent request that I get is for men who want me to seduce their wives into a lesbian experience.
  • Queer Friendly: It does not matter what your orientation or gender is. I talk with everybody from the LGBTQI and Hetero spectrum.

Blurb About Me

I'm 40 and I live in the NW Boston area, although I'm from the MidWest. I specialize in cross-gender role play, but I'm certainly not limited to gender scenarios. You could be a reluctant or an enthusiastic cross-dresser, or you could be trans*. Or maybe you are neither. Maybe you just want to explore a subject which is taboo for you in real life and desire an environment which is discreet and safe. Phonesex is the perfect safe venue for you. I've had 20 years experience with both men's and women's phone fantasies and I've heard just about anything you could imagine, so you don't need to feel uncomfortable with sharing. I'm trustworthy, discreet, imaginative and intelligent.

Trans* FTM or MTF Fantasies: Please tell me if you are TS, because it really helps me to know to shift gears in the fantasy. For example: If you are a trans man, then I certainly don't want to treat you like most of my guy callers who are hetero and into cross dressing like a woman. And if you are TS and a lesbian, I don't want to bore you with hetero type fantasies. It helps if I know what you are into or not into, at the very least, if you don't want to disclose your trans* status. Please let me know your preferences. You can send a Niteflirt email, if you are not sure.