Phone Sex

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claudia swan

What's a Gentleman LIKE YOU...

. . . doing in a place like THIS?
Wondering the same thing, perhaps. Maybe even berating himself for wasting time in yet another foolish search ...
... for WHAT???

...for a woman who is both intensely sexual and keenly intelligent?

...for a woman who is turned on a great deal of the time, and by a great many things?

...for a woman who knows it's her place to please a Man, and genuinely enjoys doing so?
"Come on", you're probably thinking, "Get real. What are the chances of finding a woman like that ... HERE?!"

They say there are no 'coincidences', so maybe it's not so strange that you've found me (yes, even here). Especially when you consider that I've been looking for you, too! Now let me tell you a little more about me, so you can decide for yourself if I'm the kind of girl with whom you would enjoy spending some quality time (and yes, I speak grammatically, too ... for the discriminating Gentleman who prefers his girl smart as well as sexy).
First, I really am the person I present to you. Although I enjoy role play and have a hot and vivid imagination, I won't deceive you about who I am or what I'm feeling. You see, I've got this thing about rigorous honesty -- which means that who you meet on the phone isn't some character I invented to get your money; it's me.

Second, I'm intelligent, articulate, diversely cultured and genuinely interested in all kinds of people. Chances are, I will truly enjoy getting to know you while providing you with the high quality conversation and play a Gentleman deserves.
The honesty thing goes for phone sex, too: I won't pretend to be aroused if I'm not, and I don't fake orgasms. What you're hearing is what I'm feeling!

I have no set phone persona or specialty. What I do best and enjoy most is following Your lead. When things really 'click', I feel like a dancer being spun effortlessly by her partner across the ballroom floor.
I love feeling into You: what gets me off is your arousal, feeling you in me. Shall we dance?
Give me a call! I think you'll enjoy my company, and you can find out for yourself just how hot and wet you can make me ;)

Love and lust,