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~SEXUAL ADDICTION? ~ I know you don't want help

Is your online time causing damage to your life? Seeing ill effects to your relationships, finances, job, etc.? Is someone in your life being hurt by this? Do you question if your behaviors are social or obsessive? According to a news article on Good Morning America broadcast in early November 2008 30 million Americans are suffering from one form or another of sexual addiction. That is one in every 17 adult Americans. Are you one of them?

I formerly ran a halfway house for chronic drug and alcohol addicted men and know very well what addictions can do to a normally calm and rational personality. After years of trying to help those like yourself on here I've given up on most of you.

I have years of experience and education in psychology specializing in addictions. I am here to help you should you be one of the few that actually wants help. Should you be one of the majority wanting to continue screwing up your life and your financial well being I no longer have any moral issues stopping me from happily taking you for what we both know you wouldn't be saving anyways. As a practicing addict allowing your addiction to control your life and drain your wallet I will enjoy taking you for everything I can.

I am a very practical woman living a rather conservative life. I will take you for unusual wish list items like laundry soap or food as well as my very conservative clothing. I run a business of room rentals with 7 live in tenants in a bed and breakfast type of situation but with college students and short term corporate renters (3 to 6 months) None of these guests would ever guess what I do as my outside income!!

I welcome you to drain yourself on that regular basis funding my business paying my utilities with those prepaid visa cards, home improvement items, food to feed the college guys living with me, and of course tributes to cover the mortgages of my two neighboring homes.

The cost of your calls is just the tip of the iceburg!!!


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~~~If you call looking for phone sex from me you've missed the entire point.~~~
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Click that wish list button. On the left side of the wish list you will see various wish lists. My groceries, Pay my bills, buy for my fiance', buy for the child of a tenant that lives with me (poor excuse for a mother so other tenants and myself like to get her craft projects and learning toys), and of course my upcoming wedding and honeymoon. What better way to show my 24 yr old fiance' he's worth more than you?

I am well aware that each piggy bank has a different way they like to do things. That first call is telling me about yourself and how you like to be drained. Is it wish lists? Signing up for bill payments each month? Raise the rate?

Get out your credit cards and let's rack up those bills!! If the first thing I hear is the recording telling me 1 minute remaining keep in mind you will be blocked from ever calling again. I don't tolerate time wasters. After all.....time is money and my time is your money!