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You are a slave, working hard to please your Queen. You will send your Goddess Elvira ALL of your earnings so that she lives in the most Lavish Lifestyle that she so deserves. Your duty in life as her slave is to Worship, Serve, Please and Obey your owner Goddess Elvira's every command!

All of your thoughts are of how you can better Serve and Please your Superior! If you have the privilege to serve Goddess Elvira as her Money Slave, it is your purpose in life to make sure that her every desire and wish is fulfilled!

Financial Domination means the act of giving unselfishly to your Goddess. The Money Slave shall give Goddess almost all of his earnings to make sure that his Superior Goddess Elvira has the most Luxurious Life.

The Money Slaves giving to his Goddess is an act of Worship, Servitude, love, submission, and shows Goddess Elvira his endless Devotion for her. Financial Domination for the Money Slave is a true emotional, mental, and heart pounding Fetish. This is exciting to the Money Slave, just of the very thought and fear that his Goddess has the power to ruin him, financially drain his resources, and leave him alone to his demise. The Money slaves never wants this to happen to him, so he must keep his Goddess happy, or he will face the ultimate price for displeasing her.

Financial Domination is not in anyway shape or form a sexual fetish! But, some of my Money Slaves explain to Goddess, that they do become VERY sexually aroused by the thought of being Dominated, Humilited, Exploited, Abused, Used, and Punished by a beautiful woman. To be allowed the privalage to Worship a Goddess is a heart racing RUSH! Just to have the attention of a beautiful women, to give up complete control to her, is the slaves only salvation. It gives the slave a purpose in life, and a reason to live. A Money Slaves reason for living is to Worship and Serve his Supreme Goddess!

Now, if you feel that this fetish is something that is of interest to you, continue on. If you do not feel that this is for you, leave now! Because I really could care less about your decision one way or the other. But, if you are still with me slave, then your next choice is selecting an appropriate Goddess of your liking. Be warned in advance, if you choose to Worship and Serve me as your Goddess this will be the LAST and only choice you will ever make from this moment on.

Goddess Elvira is very demanding, and has expensive taste. So, if you think that you are Worthy enough to have the privilege to Serve such a Goddess as myself, then you will call and you will have that credit card ready.

While your tithes to Me are regular, scheduled, measured offerings, tributes are not. Tributes are spontaneous offerings sent to Me, spawned by your need to express your love and devotion, or My need to wield my power over your very soul. As an example, no doubt you will spend time each day looking at My photos, entranced by My beauty. you will then feel the urge… the need, to express yourself to Me in the form of your tributes. your heart will pound as My power comes through the photos. Suddenly, you will find that you cannot wait any longer. When you call me and I feel you deserve more photo's of me I will take the time to get more photo's to you when I'm ready to do so.

Tithes Read My words on tithing. your tithes to Me fill the roll of worship. Validating your worship of Me cannot be experienced without your faithful tithes laid upon My Altar. The same is true of ownership. The act of sending 10% of your gross earnings IMMEDIATELY upon receipt satisfies your need to be owned by Me. In fact, real ownership cannot exist without your tithe. you are only lying to yourself to think I own you if you merely send money after you have seen to your own needs. This is absurd and selfish. It is an insult to Me that you would offer your scraps!! NO. your money IS Mine. ALL of it. I allow you to hold on to most of it. (Know this: if I wanted to do so, I could make you give Me 100% of your money. you would be helpless to resist. I have done this to others, I can do it to you.) Only by sending 10% off the top can you truly feel My ownership. Trust Me, My worshippers will tell you that week by week, month by month, the benefits of tithing soaks DEEP into your essence. Indeed, many agree that they yearn for each payday so that their tithe can be laid at My feet. Tithing to Me will become very important to you.