Phone Sex

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Hmm. As we celebrate our nation's independence, I feel the need to celebrate my dependence. My dependence on someone to tell me what to do. Is that you?

Oh, I put rubber bands arond my boobies this morning and they are so purple right now! I need someone to tell me how to abuse them more! I also put a little 3 inch dong in my insides and pulled up my jeans and cleaned the house. Some self-punishment...but I reallllly need someone to take control of me.

Is that You, Sir?

Can you tame me? Can you help me learn to serve, You? Teach this sub what her body is for?

Call me and let's see!


Tell me how to bind myself. Gag myself. I'll moan through the gag for you. Tell me how to torture my sweet breasts for you.

Train me to be a good little girl. Teach me what my body is really for!

I have some jelly, some lotion, a massager, some *ahem* inside possibilties, tons of rubber bands, and my favorte spatula for beating with. Oh, and clear packing tape! And I just got some bananas. A girl must always practic!

I just ordered some great things from an online site and when I get them, I'll be so excited to share them with you! I got: a rabbit vibrator; a venus butterfly; ladyfinger vibrator and some lube. Yes, am without lube: but, that makes me have to work harder to make my own!

Hey, while we talk, why don't you tell me what else I should buy! I need some bondage gear. I don't know what type of gag or cuffs to get. And I'm by myself here, so I need help getting things that I can get out of *giggle*!

Give me a ring, okay sweetie? I'm waiting!

After our conversation, I'll hang up first (and the charges will stop right then) and then they will ask you to rate the call. I'd really appreciate it if you would rate our call together so I can work on being a better little girl. And feel free to come back to this listing and write down your review of me! Was I a good little slut??

I want to learn: teach me! Dominate me! Bind and gag me! Abuse my great big "girls"!

When I'm not available, please check out Kimber's Crew!

Oh my...i just got brave and hooked up my cam! Press here if You want to watch me self-bind/self-abuse/self-torture!