Phone Sex

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Spoiling Me will become your OBSESSION!

I love nothing more than draining your account by the minute. I just love knowing that I can take your entire paycheck from you in an instant. What took u 2 weeks & 80 hours of work can be gone within 5 minutes of speaking to Me. It's quite a power trip being Me. Want to know what else is great? I know that it turns u on to give it all up to Me. I know that your dick gets hard just thinking about it. I know u love the power I hold over u as I drain your account by the minute. It's such a thrill. u know u should try & resist but the temptation is just too much. u can't resist Me. Maybe I'll even push u a little further... when I command u to press all My pay buttons just to make this credit card draining even more PAINFUL! Keep it coming... u & I both know it feels good to give! Oh, don't worry pay-sluts, tomorrow's financial hangover can be remedied by taking another sip. Diving right back in is the only TRUE cure for your addiction! I'm not impressed until I have it ALL!!

That's right, bitches, I am here to give your pathetic life some purpose. FINALLY, right? you've been stumbling along your entire life wondering why u were put on this earth. And now u know - you were put on this earth to ENTERTAIN ME!! Now let's get one thing straight: you were put here for Me, not vice-versa. So, if you're expecting Me to dance around & tease u on cam, u can go elsewhere. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NUDITY IN ANY OF MY VIDEOS, PHOTOS, OR CAM SESSIONS!! GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULLS!! IT WILL NOT HAPPEN - EVER!!

I am Princess Lyne. I am bratty. I am demanding. I am greedy. I am bitchy. I am obsessed with Perfection: MYSELF. If u think u can handle Me, then give Me a call. But I warn u, I am incredibly addictive. I'm the most potent drug you've NEVER experienced... until now. Call now & let the GAMES BEGIN!!