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Kytten Ltd

♫Addiction, Seduction, Mind Fucks, ♫

Do You Need a Sponsor?
A Savior?


Where do you go when the 12 steps no longer work?
You have tried every conceivable therapy, You have had the interventions,
In patient treatment, Rehab,

They have all failed you as poetically as you have failed others.

Where do you go then?

You go as far you can make it
to the only place you want to be.

Where the cravings lead you,
To Me,
Welcome to my Meeting.

From this moment on I am Your drug of choice,
Your sponsor and Your
personal savior.

If it takes days of consideration,
If it takes all the effort you can manage,
You will inevitably crawl back to me time and time again and be right where you started
You always find refuge in the fact that I know you, like no one else ever will.

You are a professional fuck up. You lead a mediocre existence.
Until now all you had was your porn collection, alcohol, and one hand ALWAYS on your cock.

Well it's your lucky day loser, there is hope, light at the end of the tunnel

Now you have ME.

Kytten A beautiful goddess. A lighthouse in your meager existence.

All you need and so much more than you deserve

I am the Alpha and the Omega. The First, The Last,
The Best a reason to go on. . .
What happens when you call?

I will give your life Meaning. You will give me. . .

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