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Be a MINDLESS ZOMBIE for Hypno Goddess



...a state of being without a clear past, with direction only to survive, to function, living each day to be pleasing and obedient to Goddess Samantha ...the only clear future being to exist to be of service to Goddess and to not be a burden, to be supportive in all means, able to learn what Goddess wants you to learn and nothing more. ...feeling a deep bond, an addiction, a connection like a cherished pet on a very base, primal level....having that place to go and escape and exist solely because Goddess allows you to breathe, allows your heart to beat, allows you to simply BE for her pleasure and needing her for your meager existance.


Very good, an exceptional path to take. Needing nothing from the past because the past doesn't exist the way that you once knew it by the time you are mindless, anything can happen if you set your mind to it because all that exists is Goddess and what Goddess creates as your life as her mindless adoring zombie.


This is the addiction that I can be for you and through hypnosis, this can happen and be as real as you would like it to be. Seek me out and discover a new meaning and share with me just how reading this made you feel.

Goddess Samantha

Hypno Goddess can change your life

"I find the Goddess most captivating. She has me bound and awaiting her every word. Call if you dare to venture into her web of mental addiction."

"Goddess owns my mind, my body and my soul. She is everything I've ever dreamed of, and all I will ever need. Anything she desires, I am happy to give her."

"AMAZING! Goddess is above all and over all."

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