Phone Sex

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Applications for leather worship being accepted!

Are you prepared to apply for the position which I have open?

What position is that you ask?

The position open today is that of you on your knees!!


I want to hear you beg to clean my thigh high leather boots with your tongue!

Beg to feel the touch of my latex gloves on that naught ass of yours

Beg slut! I want to hear you convince me that you are the slut for this job!!

Can you do that?!

Call me now and let your imagination go wild! Tell me what you want! Tell me what you like! I'm not a freakin' mind reader. Don't sit there and make me play 20 questions with you!

Call me now and let's get right to the point!

Call me now whore and beg!!!

Beg me to make you my whore, dress you up like a slut, with bright red lipstick and nail polish, just like the sissy slut you are!

Beg me to allow you to wear my pantyhose and high heels!

Call me now whore, you know you want to! What are you afraid of?!

Don't forget to leave me some feedback after we speak!

NEW! And, if you don't have the balls to call me, then listen to my recording describing in detail a CBT session. I call it "Genital Torment"

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