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I want to possess you utterly and completely, to determine every detail of your life: to be your goddess, the Sun around which you orbit. In return for your obedience, I offer you freedom from the tyranny of choice and my love and support in all of your endeavours. I will govern in your interest as well as mine. I will be just; I will not be capricious (or not too often, anyway!). I shall be with you in all ways, the controller of your desires, the foundation on which you will build, the shaper of your destiny, the moulder of your thoughts and your will. I shall be in your mind, as close to you as your breathing

I do not wish to negate or deny you, to lessen your worth, to reject any of your opinions or desires but to take all of your talents and abilities and use them in the service of us both. I do not claim to govern you because I am better than you in any way, but simply because it is in my nature to desire to govern, and because your desire to obey, to please me, is in itself pleasing to me.

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