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Goddess Trina

Goddess Trina 24/7 slaves for full ownership

I am looking for one or more serious candidates for full slavery/unconditional ownership. You will belong to me absolutely and completely, 24/7 and permanently. Everything you do, everything you have will be mine to control as I please. You will be trained to satisfy my every need. You will live in full financial slavery, with all of your earnings going into my account, and with your subsistence provided for by the allowance I will bestow on you. You will have no other relationships or interests than me, no other thoughts, desires, or goals than to please me and bring me pleasure. Sexual release will be a rare treat, earned by exemplary service, sacrifice and suffering. This opportunity is for serious lifestyle candidates only. Age is not a factor. In fact, men in their 50s and 60s are to be preferred. If you are retired and living on pensions, social security, and/or investment income, you will be collared and caged and kept fully exposed and on display in my home, and your income will become mine for the rest of your life. Your humiliations will be all the greater as you provide the most abject oral services as the property of a woman young enough to be your grandaughter, who finds your endless degradation always amusing and occasionally arousing. You will be displayed in your cage to the young women who visit me, and will be made available for their pleasure and amusement whenever the whim takes me. If this manner of existence appeals to you, contact me at once. We will go through a process of mutual familiarization, during which you will qualify (or fail to qualify) for my ownership. There will then be a slave contract for you to enter, and you will become mine in fact, as well as in fantasy. But make no mistake. My requirements are high, my discipline is strict, and the pleasures -- while they are exquisite -- are mostly mine. This opportunity will remain open until I find the property I seek. Anyone contacting me after that will be placed on a waiting list or will have his name and contact information sold to another mistress conducting a similar search.