Phone Sex

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Are you a public IDIOT? I'm in the park on My Cell

Yes thats right, Im not sitting on My ass waiting for your call... I'm on My cell phone... Maybe Im at the dungeon, shopping, or even fleecing another sucker out of his hard earned wages over a fine dinner. I don't care, Ill still take your call and fleece you too. you are an idiot and you know it, call Me and Ill confirm it. No problem! Need to get laughed at? I'll do it; I'll enjoy it, and then I'll take the money I made off you and buy new panties, as the slave I'm towing about with Me as we talk has My old ones shoved in his mouth with a fashionable piece of duct tape over it. Maybe that's why everyone in Central Park is looking; I thought it might have been My thigh high boots. OMG! I might just be changing panties while you push that keen button to call Me. I might even be walking the dog. Poor gimp has no paper to pick up after Fluffy I forgot to mention he's an idiot too. Every minute I'm on the phone with you, he has to double it. My personal 401K plan. DOLTS. If I happen to be shopping, you may have to call Demask ahead of Me and listen to Me change latex while you know I'm about to run up your cc. This dress is wonderful on ME! It's so sad you can't see it, but you can hear it. And everyone can hear ME. you can hear everything, but you aren't a part of it. OH HELL NO why would I want an ugly fucker such as yourself accompanying Me in public, unless you have a paper bag over that mug. Did you hit the wall when you were 40? I really don't want to see. Is that you I smell? hm it must be the the gimp. HAHAHA Since this is My cell and you are wasting My minutes you'll just have to pay up the ass for this privilege. Have a nice day!