Phone Sex

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You have found yourself lost on an old country road. It's cold, raining, your car breaks down...I'm on same rd on my way to mountain cabin for a week out of the city... have invited eight of my best buddies over tomorrow night to watch game....I've have been drinking and partying way too much to be driving accept my invite to come stay at cabin till morning when we'll come back and take care of car..get to cabin, unload, I stagger back to bedroom, you're holding one arm helping to keep my balance. I remember you were being so nice and at same time trying hard not to laugh. I don't even attempt taking off coat or boots..just fell back on bed and passed out cold.. It was a hard sleep, I was having very erotic dreams of you that were almost too real. Even though I had dreamt and had fantasies of being with a guy before, never pursued out of fear my buddies and my family would disown me. Being nice guy that you are, you wanted to make me managed to get my coat and sweatshirt off with no help from me.. then you took off my boots and socks... unbuttoned jeans and started to unzip when zipper locked up... Apparently the harder you tried to get zipper down, the more erotic my dreams became. You got my jeans down to my hips when you decided it would be easier to grab end of pantlegs at ankles, facing away from one swift movement you jerked them off me. When you turned around to see if you had disturbed my sleep..There I was..sleeping harder than ever.. flat on my back, legs hanging off bed, arms straight up behind my head,...BUTT were very embarrassed and became increasingly nervous about what i would be thinking. Knowing I passed out fully dressed and now completely naked, on my back, spread eagle. The harder you tried to leave the room the harder it kept staring at me...after about 30 minutes you realized nothing was going to wake me banged on furniture, turned up radio, shook me..didn't phase went to kitchen, chugged down a six pack, about 5 or 6 shots of tequila. The more you drank the more you obsessed with having your way with me. Kidding yourself that you were just being thoughtful to check on me, making sure i was subconciously looked around till you found two extension cords and two long pieces of staggered down hall, stopped in doorway, stared at me a few minutes, inched your way towards the bed. Fearing my reaction of waking up and catching you having your way with me...When you got to bedside, you tied my arms back to bed posts and spread my legs until you could tie them tightly to posts on footboard. You stared at my naked body, slowly started touching me, then massaging, finally licking entire body except for genitals... once you had finally worked up nerve, you walk to end of bed, positioned your self between my legs, dropped to your needs, and... At the same time I was dreaming of you having your way with me, I also had dream of me sitting back on sofa.. smoking my cigar, drinking beer and you standing at attention in front of me, hands locked or cuffed behind your head, blindfolded. I reach up and tear off your t-shirt.. start walking around you, poking, probing, squeezing, examining, inspecting, tasting and licking your head, ears, nose, throat, scalp, neck, back, arms shoulders, arm pits, chest, nipples down to bellybutton. Now take off your shoes. I unbutton, slowly unzip your pants, working them down to your knees. You're standing there in white briefs, I examine thighs, down to knees, take your pants completely off now. Then I work my hands down the elastic waist of your underwear and up the legs. Fondling, groping, squeezing, pulling anything I find till I rip them off of you. I play some more, making you pose, bend.. Then I need to take a break, sit back, grab a beer and light my cigar. Now you respect my wishes by obeying my requests to pose, dance, jump, squat. Then you will come stand in front of me, stand at attention, arms still locked behind your head, still wearing blindfold. I grab your genitals, Pulling, stroking, and just start getting ready to lick them when we hear loud pounding at front door, before I can get up or let go of genitals, the front door flies open. Then remembered buddies coming over to watch game..