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Heartless Goddess

Heartless Goddess with the most perfect feet.





Too bad for you, no plug in support means no free Goddess sounds! Press play, and begin to understand your place, boy.

HUMILIATRIX. A heartless goddess who enjoys manipulating the minds of men. Taking complete advantage of your desires, your weaknesses, in order to make you her slave. Being around me is like drinking too much. Each moment you become more and more drunk. Each second you become less able to resist falling under my spell. You know what you are. What you were meant to be. Your slavery is my pleasure. Your pain is my profit. Today is the luckiest day of your life. Today you become devoted to me. I get off on, no I rejoice in, tearing you down until you are at your most basic. A primal slave devoted to his Goddess above all else. My beauty, my cruelty, my wicked intelligence and biting wit reduce you to nothing. Addiction isn't enough for me. I want all you have.

I want your complete adoration. I want you to succumb to the point you cannot get through a moment of your day without thinking about me, even when you don't mean to. I will win. I will enslave all men emotionally, physically, financially, and mentally until I am the Supreme ruler of ALL. I am SELFISH. I am MOODY. UNPREDICTABLE and MERCURIAL. Elegant and refined and young enough to also be a sensual brat. Regardless of if I am softly whispering or yelling, I sound divine. You will become a better slave under my cruel and beautiful hands. You will become everything I want you to be. My slave, my servant, my devoted boy.

I do nothing that doesn't benefit me in some way, and neither will you. I always get my way. It's always been that way and it always will. I have provided you with plenty of material to begin your conversion into my faithful servant. Get my photos, my humiliation videos, my recordings and feel me enter your blood. Feel me begin to take over. Feel me whispering in your head ... give it to me boy ... give it to me ... I want it all from you.

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