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I'm Serena and you are obviously a loser.

I don't understand you losers, and I never want to. I much prefer REAL MEN.

Just pay your loser fees here to keep me living the lifestyle I want.

Call this frequently, it is all you are good for as far as I am concerned.

Call first thing in the morning.
Call at lunch time.
Call before you go to bed.

Your life will almost have purpose then. Almost.

We all know you have a pathetically tiny sissy dick, and I don't have any use for it. My body is for real men. Your only worth is being amusing and donating cash.

Just don't expect me to bother with you. That's why I created this recording, so you can contribute your old-fart limp-dick donations without me having to hear your wimpy, whiny, whimpering little voices.

I'm busy enjoying myself with REAL MEN. Here's what little use I have for you.

To show you how much of a pathetic example of a "man" you are, I am telling you now that all this recording is, is me telling you to call it again regularly - and I am laughing my ass off because I know you losers - you will still call and listen! Again and again.

And then I will send you pay-to-view mails whenever I feel you have not spent enough on me. And you, being the sad and pitiful vermin that you are, will happily open them!

Even though I am warning you now, there will be NOTHING in them. Empty! You will still pay to support me. You can't help yourselves. It's ALL you are good for.

If you think $32 is extravagant, wait till you see the pay-to-view emails I will send!. Be warned! You losers exist just to be degraded, devastated, wrung out completely - every last cent sucked from you.

Go ahead. Call.

You read this far, you definitely owe me now for that pleasure and priviledge. Super Losers will call the recording RIGHT BACK and listen twice....JUST so I can laugh my ass off!

You just can't help yourself. You know how degrading and humiliating it will be to have your membername shown on the feedback list below, practically screaming out "I am a weak, helpless piggy!"

Show the world how insignificant you are.

Excuse me?

Just what made you think you could get a girl like me?

Putting your money to good use

I've bought...
  • Some incredibly sexy lingerie from Victoria's Secret.
  • Decadent gourmet snacks to keep me satisfied.
  • Moisturizers and lotions - NOT the cheap bargain brands.
  • Salon appointments for my hair and nails. Have to keep myself in perfect style!

    Call or email now so you can contribute to my New Car fund. Your value in life is only in how much you can improve my outlandish lifestyle.

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