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Every mistress will tell you that she is seeking the perfect slave. But it is only when she defines her idea of what is perfect that the slave can determine whether he has found the perfect mistress. I have finally found the words to describe what I am seeking, and it is simply this: I seek a personal slave to satisfy my every physical need with absolute obedience, dedication and passion and I will train him to my most exacting standards and requirements.

I seek a slave who will be absolutely bound to me in his every thought, wish and desire, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I will control him in everything he does and everything he thinks. I will subject him to cruel sexual deprivation, strict corporal punishment, humiliations and indignities beyond belief. He will be kept naked and collared at all times; he will live on the floor, being allowed access to furniture only with my express permission; he will speak only when spoken to or if speech is necessary to carry out a command; he will be kept in a cell or cage when not in use. I will inflict upon him everything that a woman mind can devise. He will be trained to bring pleasure to men as a woman would. He will be loaned and rented to other women and to men to serve them with the same obedience he gives to me. The word will simply not be part of his vocabulary.