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little ms dangerous

You think I'm going to talk to you??? HAHA

If you call me on this line, you will be warned now losers...I will not talk to your pathetic gf's, my real man, or may family rank higher than you do...just give me your money and sit your sorry ass right where you are and wait for the little bit of attention I MAY give to you. (not likely)

I’m a 19-year old spoiled princess. I’m new to all of this but I know I have what it takes…I mean, come on, look at me… I've got the body, face and intelligence to get what I want from men! My satisfaction is your main priority and your wife or girlfriend, your hobbies and your social life (yeah right!) are as meaningless to me as tiny cocks. I'm gonna take what I want from you and you're going to LOVE it! I'm pretty, I'm spoiled and I love milking you losers for all you've got!
I want to be the perfect little tease who will smile and wink at you then leave you with blue balls. I’m your new Princess who loves to be spoiled and pampered accordingly. Nothing makes me happier and hotter than stroking your big, fat, smooth wallet with my well-manicured fingernails, compliments of you, of course. I love everything about money…the way it smells, the way it feels and my most favorite…seeing it leave your wallet into my possession.
Can you afford me? I love the finer things in life…silk lingerie, pedicures, manicures, luxury cars, designer clothing, fine perfumes, jewelry…and the list goes on. Come on loser, call me and give me what I so deserve.
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