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Humiliation True Beall


Don't Mistake My pretty smile for weakness. See it as a sign that I Enjoy BDSM, Fetishes,servitude and all that goes along with it.

Another day begins and another brain loss goes to ME True bella... Taking over your mind your body and of course his wallet. you lose all hope of having a normal life again. your life belongs to Me you can't stand to be away from are now MY LOSER MY SUCKER and you KNOW it!
My sadistic laugh addictive giggle will draw you in. will humiliate yourself for Me.
THERE IS NO PHONE SEX HERE. Dont' insult Me..And if your BROKE you are usless.. 365 days a year you are worthless as a human. Instead of pretending to serve wasting your time and waste more importantly MY TIME go sit in a Corner and get lost. you will NEVER be worthy A true Goddess, so realize that you are one lucky bastard to get this close to Me listen to the beautiful voice and realize that I am Someone you will NEVER have. you are nothing!...Ha, ha, ha! If you are Broke this is for you. Have you spend all your money spanking your meat to fakce blonde bimbos who are most likely, 200lbs, over forty and using someone elses photo's). you are such a moron, can you even tell the difference or are you too busy chasing after the next bimbo to tell the difference anyway!

Finally Add Meaning To Your Little Life as you can see I enjoy what I do.