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I am Nicole - a gorgeous female supremacist who destroys peon males for fun and profit! Men like to think they are intelligent, but then, the highest IQ belongs to a woman, right? Men like to believe they are strong, but then, so is the average donkey. Women, on the other hand, are beautiful and some, even more so than others. Men can't help but to succumb to a gorgeous Woman and it's then that Women like Me go in for the kill. After all, you can't spell manipulate without the word man, can you? Think of me as The Divine Goddess of ATMs. The Patron Saint of Credit Cards. What better way to show your devotion than to offer gifts to the Deity that rules them? You are viewing perfection. I'm gorgeous, a brunette, intelligent and downright demanding. Perfection isn't easy to come by and when you find it, expect it to come with a sense of privilege and entitlement. I see money as My religion and you are a devoted follower of the greed I preach Paying Me gives you purpose. It validates a life that has no value. It might hurt, but the more hurts, the better it feels. I love spending money and when I am pleased, you have proven yourself good for something. I live a good life. I spend the days thinking of new ways to give you the abuse you love and I shop, shop, shop. If I want something, someone has to pay and it might as well be you. you are like a worker bee. I am the Queen and you toil long hours and scrimp on your own needs so I can have more...more...more. Think of it this way, isn't it better for you to suffer a bit so that I can spend My days telling My pedicurist about the money that worthless, inadequate loser men pay Me? Of course it is. We both know that. I keep a whole barnyard of financial slaves to satisfy My insatiable lust for the finer things. I deserve whatever it is My heart desire and you ought to be the one who pays for it. you would just be one of many, so don't even think you deserve some special treatment, regardless of how much money you pay Me. you don't matter - never did, never will. The only way you even get my passing attention is paying... and paying... and paying. Training you in financial servitude is the only way you will be of any use to Me To gain acceptance into my inner circle of bitch slaves isn't cheap and it might not be pretty. I probe around for your weaknesses. I spy on you. I might record your conversations. Blackmail works wonders on you weaklings & ownership is not for the faint of heart. Begin your servitude to a Perfect, Demanding, Manipulative Goddess begins by calling or contacting Me at here at Should you require My training, be prepared to pay handsomely for the privilege.