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April Lyn


April Lyn

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Losers, I know that your little penises get hard just at the thought of hearing Me laugh at you while you're paying to talk to Me. I know that you heart starts to beat fast when you click to open a email that I've sent you, or when you're about to click one of My paid email buttons. You need that feeling of being USED by a young girl to make that penis of yours spit out the icky cum that you'll be licking up while I listen and laugh at what a total loser you are. You're weak, and I know it.

Plus, I don't care about you loser. I don't care that you go into debt just to talk to Me or that your wife or girlfriend is going to ask where all your money went. All I care is that you know your place ... on your knees laying your money at My feet. I'm laughing my ass off all the way to the bank. I get so friggin hot taking your money. I drained the last ones accounts, who's next? He will be back once he sells some stuff to give me more money. Remember that such Perfection doesn't come cheap and neither do I. LOSERS LOVE LAYING MONEY AT MY FEET

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April Lyn April Lyn April Lyn

April LynApril LynApril LynApril Lyn

April Lyn

I may drain your bank account slow, or I may make your heart beat fast and take advantage of you before you even get a chance to cum to the thought of being financially used by Me. I like knowing that I've hurt you financially and that you'll be working hard to pay off your debt so you can call back and do it all over again. Exploiting sugar daddies and pay pigs always makes me laugh. Losers always pay, and I never get tired of taking money from you.