Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Bow down and worship the WhipLash Queen.

'SHE knows the Mystery of Masks and Veils and She bestows ecstasy in the torture She gives. She'll bind you blind and make you plead for love and mercy on your hands and knees. She'll make you scream and beg for more. She'll give you the pain that you adore.'

I am versed and practised well in the Art of Discipline. It's such a thin line between heaven and hell and I walk it fine and know it well. I'll make you feel more than you've ever known, I'll make you show more than you've ever shown.

Bow down before ME on your hands and knees, take the pain you deserve and I will release you...and you will obey and you will serve in every way.

Now bow down before ME and you will believe, I will bestow and you will receive. Now bow down and worship ME, the WhipLash Queen.'

How cruel do you think I am? Afraid? You should be.

Please remember .. Positive feedback means more callers.. More callers means lower rates... Keep in mind that I have several different listings on NiteFlirt. When you call I have no way of knowing which listing you are responding to. Depending on My mood, I may ask how you are or what you are interested in. This is your opportunity to tell Me which listing you called,or you may politely tell Me what you might want to talk about. I am not a mind reader, so unless I've spoken with you before, don't expect Me to immediately know what you're into.

Do leave positive feedback, it's the polite thing to do.Besides, calls of a minimum of 15 minutes get free minutes, as does leaving feedback of 5 stars. Of course repeat calls will receive free minutes periodically, so keep checking your mail.