Phone Sex

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Soft, bare feet or piercing heels - which is it?

G'Day Stud!

Meet Annie!

The sensuous woman
with beautiful feet & toes

She's sensual AND cruel!

Feast your eyes on my shoes.

Mmmm, that's right baby, suck my toes..


Adore my feet.
(They ARE lovely ;)

Come wash them for me, baby.

I hate Ma`am!

You'll feel a stiletto on your throat, if your lips or tongue ever defile my boots or shoes.

Kissing or licking them is a privilege that you must EARN.

I WILL use you wherever and whenever suits me

You WILL be MY

and you WILL do anything to feel my stilettos in your flesh.

I WILL punish or reward you for any reason that pleases ME

C'mon, be Annie's fuck-toy!

Masturbation, without permission,
will displease me and punishment
will follow.

Will you be feeling my 8" heels, or my bare toes gently probing your balls?  Worried that they'll press too hard?
Leave that to me.

Lick my boots, while I play with your cock. Is this Heaven? Or Hell ;)

I'll be the one to decide.

She's Addictive!

Imagine me, sitting on a chair, naked, thighs spread wide apart, wearing only beautiful high heels and commanding you to lick my hot wet pussy.

You are not permitted to touch my feet or shoes, under threat of punishment.

My imagination is endless, baby .. call me if you dare ;)