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I recently moved into a new area. I was lucky enough to find Shawnee who was looking for energetic roommate. The first night I was getting settled and Shawnee asked me if I was into men. I told her I had broke up with my boyfriend, but I loved a strong man. Shawnee leaned close her breath swirling around my ear as she whispered "that can change my luv." It was the next night after my shower that Shawnee offered to massage my aching muscles. Soon I was melting under her touch. Shawnee's fingers slipped over my warm flesh leaning her body close to mine her soft lips slowly caress my cheek moving light as a feather over my lips surprisingly as my heart raced I parted my lips. Her fingers slowly slipped between my thighs. Call us guide us through a wild evening. Or listen as Shawnee drives me wild and I scream for more.
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My room mate and lover moved out on me and I found myself not only in a pinch for bills without the extra income that Jim supplied to the house but very lonely and ever so down on men. They were from Mars and that is exactly where they could go back to as far as I was concerned at that point in my life. (Side note: My opinion has recently changed about men and I have my eye on the cute guy that moved in across the street. I have exciting plans for him, Tawnya and myself but that is another story.) I ran an ad in the Seattle Times looking for a flat-mate and Tawnya applied. She looked yummy to me at the time of the interview and I made up my mind that she was perfect the moment she set down on the couch across from me and I caught a glimpse of the soft lips of her delicious looking pussy as she crossed her legs. A girl after my own heart…Tawnya was not wearing panties!!!! Call us and we will tell you all about how sweet that first night was…and how sweet each night has been since then. Call us and help me to make Tawnya dripping wet and trembling. Listen as I kiss Tawnya’s sweet lips….all of them and use my tongue to drive her wild. You won’t regret making the call, I promise.
(Should I have my tongue pierced for Tawnya,
would it make it more exciting for her??)