Phone Sex

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The Sissy Humiliator

Designed 4 Emasculation, Engineered 2 Last

Oh the sweet lies you have been telling yourself! Topped by the lies you tell everyone else . . . . You tell yourself it’s just a phase. But is it? oh, sissy, it's so overdue for you to drop you male pretenses and be what you are . . . .
You tell yourself it’s just a cucumber, and ignore the basic facts, but somehow, the shape of that vegetable reminds you of “Something else” anyway – your mind just goes there and then you can't get the addiction to veggies out of your head.
You tell yourself it’s just a cucumber, or a hair brush and you ignore the basic facts, but somehow, the shape of that object reminds you of “Something else” very much alive, but anyway – your mind just goes there and then you can't get the addiction out of your head.
Your anus tightens up at the thought of admitting these things to me but come on, it's just a phone call. It's all perfectly secret and I am fine if you want to bring along a “friend” to enhance our conversation. I like my sissy pets to be as sexy as I am and just as keen for adventures!

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Mistress Lisa’s personal pleasures include, but are never limited to: frank discussion of SMBD lifestyle, anal plugs, anal training, ass worship, sissy blackmail, blow jobs performed by sissy faggot, bondage, brainwashing, chastity belts, chores and domestic service, clamps, clothes pins, feminine transformation, feminization, collars for my sissy bitch, control of my sissy, corsets, high heels, nails, wigs, bras, complete cross-dressing, cuckolding all slaves, cuffs, dildo training, chastity, cum denial, exercise (required) for my more piggy slaves, weight reduction, exhibitionism, fantasy roleplay, bi training, gags, giving away my extra sissies, harems (sissies serving w/other subs), high heels wearing, high heel worship, hypnosis, sissy hypnosis, hypno-training, humiliation of all kinds, ice cubes, interrogations for blackmail, lingerie wearing and panty hose fetish, mind control, sissy transformation, money gifts and tributes, orgasm control, orgasm denial, otk discipline, outdoor sex, gang bangs, public exposure, sissy walk training, sissy voguing, riding crops, sensory deprivation, shaving (body hair), shaving (genital hair), sissy shopping, sissy fag cum whores, sissy hypnosis, sissy maids, sissy training, sissy slavery, sissy slave writers, speech restrictions (when, what, how), spanking, strap on dildo, butt plugs, swallowing cum (yours), swallowing cum (others), glory hole training, sissy tattoo, testicle whipping, testicle binding, dick binding, verbal humiliation, physical humiliation, public humiliation, voyeurism.