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Goth Girl SheDevilVixen and her Naughty Cam

Important! Please read all of this info before calling me!

About Me: My name is SheDevilVixen and I am a gothic model, erotic performance artist, web designer, and adult movie actress! You can see over 1000 pics of me and video's on My Website! I love to talk and play on webcam as long as you are respectful and treat me like a goddess! I will treat you nice and show you lots of good stuff if you follow the rules!
Info about calling me
OK this is how I do things! You will be viewing my yahoo webcam during our phonecall. My name on yahoo is shedevilvixenonniteflirt. Please go ahead and add me on your buddy list before calling me! Once you call me I will let you view my webcam..just message me as soon as you get on the phone with me...I will be online. I will only allow you to view the cam once you have called me and I WILL NOT entertain any discussions on yahoo messenger unless we are talking on the is strictly for my callers only!! If you do not see me online and would like to make an appointment with me please request one and I will let you know very soon afterwards if I can make your appointment or not. Try to and request night calls..I only do webcam during the those hours!
Please make sure you can view webcams on yahoo before you call me! I am not responsible if your computer can't handle it!
Important notes about phonecall and webcam!
No phonesex! The phonecall is strictly for you to tell me what you want me to do! You can ask me questions and just have normal chit chat with me if you wish.
You can ask me to do any of the following on webcam:
Striptease with dancing
Sitting Naked
Spreading Legs and showing my pussy
Touching myself on outside
Masturbation with hands
Masturbation with toys

I do not do the following so don't ask!
Body fluid play of any kind
Watch you jack off

If you have any other questions just e-mail me here!
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