Phone Sex

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Attention all you sissy bitches and wanna-be’s: This is Princess Becca. Okay my luscious sissy boys, I want you to put on a pair of your sexiest lace panties, stockings and garters along with a sexy little padded bra. Or maybe you’d like to gown up with your sexiest nightie --- take your pick. But be aware, this is about the LAST choice you will be able to make now that I have slipped into your life.

Those days of you making choices for yourself have ended. I decide what is good for you now. If that means I want to make you my little cock sucking slut and then have you take that HUGE strap-on, as I listen to your whimpering moans ---you will promptly assume the position. If that means licking up all of your own cum after I’ve fucked you in the ass so hard that your little clitty creamed your panties --- you will start licking. If that means turning that tight little ass of yours into my personal man pussy that I can fuck and abuse in ANY way I choose --- you will beg for the honor.

Get it right bitch, I own you now. I own your ass, I own your mouth, and I own that tiny thing you try to pass off as a cock. But we BOTH know it’s more similar to a clit. Speaking of that little clitty, it certainly won’t be cumming without my explicit permission either. So be prepared for some heavy duty chastity, sissies like you have to EARN the right to cum. Frequent orgasms are for REAL men, if you qualified, you certainly wouldn’t have read this far *lol*

Awwwww, lots of chastity, poor baby. Just at the beginning of your journey, and already you are thinking of cumming. You have so much to learn. You must earn my favor to be allowed orgasm. This may mean getting your ass out to the mall and shopping for lingerie, it may also mean learning how to suck your first cock. It will be whatever I fancy at the moment. And you WILL do it, you will beg to do it. I will certainly get a laugh out of hearing you beg to suck another man’s cock, just so you could get some stroking time.

When it comes to fucking, where to you think you stack up? Or should I say stack of dimes? *LOL* I’ll give you a hint: look up ‘cuckold’ in the dictionary. You silly bitch, you WONT be fucking me, but a REAL man of my choosing will be. Your duties will begin at the end of the main course so to speak…just like dessert follows the meal. In fact, I’ve got the perfect choice for you: CREAM PIE *lol.* Enjoy it sissy, it’s gonna be as close to my pussy as you’ll ever get. Just imagine how good it must’ve felt for him to leave the cream pie…you can live vicariously!! *lol*

Step into my world of sissy bitches and cuckolds, enforced chastity and ass-raping. Give up the façade of that REAL man, and begin the Journey for which you are KNOW you were destined.