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Dominating Diana

Crawl To Dominating Diana you stupid loser

It is me, Dominating Diana!!!



You have just embarked upon a wonderful opportunity to serve the most beautiful, demanding Mistress bitch you will ever meet!!!  
You will be sorry you ever clicked on my page, LOSER, for I own you now, and will continue to haunt you for the rest of your life!!!  

You are a loser, a faggot, a small-dicked piece of shit who can't get a real woman, so you need to pay me to show you what a pathetic piece of shit you really are!!!  
I believe in, and will tolerate, nothing less than total obedience, respect, and loyalty
You will give me the money you owe me!  And you do owe me, never forget that. 


I will push you and push you to keep paying me, through listening to recorded messages I make, 
as well as just paying me whenever the fuck I want some money!  And as good loyal slaves you will be rewarded with personal items from time to time, such as worn panties, pantyhose, bras, 
and other things that you will earn!  
And maybe if you are lucky, and I feel you are worthy, you may earn the right to a 
real time visit to my dungeon

I am young - 19 - 5'7" 130 pounds, 
with flaming red hair, a beautiful red pussy
and a very red hot temper to go along with it all!!!  

You are an overweight pathetic man with a small dick 
who cannot get it up - 
besides, no wants to see that shriveled up little dick anyway, 
though you try and you try to prove to yourself that you are not a loser, YOU ARE, and you and I both know that!  

So I am going to capitalize on that, and take everything from you.  
I will black mail you as well - you will give me your wife or girlfriend's email address, name, and home phone number, 
and you will give me your work number as well!!!

And then...  I will own you and your credit cards!!!  
So pay up loser, and make me Happy. 

Mistress Diana