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High School Teacher

Grade 'A' Correction from Ms. Kimberley.$$$$$$

Correction by 12th grade teacher Ms. Kimberley involves detention slips, staying after school, being punished for bulges in the pants, for trying to look up Ms. Kimberley's skirt, staring at her long sexy high-healed stocking legs and teasing the girls in class. Study hard boner boys! There are no bad grades allowed 'ever' in Ms. Kimberley's class! SIT UP STRAIGHT IN YOUR CHAIR !! CALL !!

Backround: Originally from England, Ms. Kimberley takes full advantage of the over-active hormones in 18 year old Wanker seniors.

Teacher says, when you're getting out of hand.  You're still not going to get away with it, because you'll be calling "Right, NOW !!!"  "Immediately !!!"  It's prick-tease detention for you, young man !!!"

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