Phone Sex

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Lady Kalianna

You've got some work to do, my pets

Do you have what it takes?

Lady Kalianna is strict and hard to please.
Do you have what it takes to please Me? So very few do.

This means there is probably punishment in your future. Suffering. Torment. Agony.

It will make you better and more perfect in your service.

Obeying me will make you hot - nearly uncontrollably. You will battle with your own will. But deep down, you want and need me to command.

We do what I want to do, when I want to do it.

When it amuses me to have you squealing from the painful thrusts of a thick dildo - guess which one of us will be ass-up in the air begging for it to happen?

And if I just want to ask you questions, guess which one of us is going to be kneeling naked and eagerly answering them?

Can you handle that?

If I want to turn you into a frilly girl who hangs out at the local truckstop - guess who will be wearing panties?

All it takes is a little time, my little toy. I have patience and persistence to take you to places you only dreamed of.

Those of you looking for a "Mistress" to talk kinky to you for a couple of minutes for a quick jack-off call, need to keep on looking. She isn't here.

My availability

It is you who must scramble and juggle schedules to be available when I want your presence. If you must lock office doors, then lock your office door. If you need to find a phone during a lunch hour - then that is your task. I do not schedule myself around your life, but instead you make yourself available for me. And don't worry my pets, I know what that does to you.

I know that the need to serve me comes upon you at all hours. Oh yes, I know this about you. When the need overcomes you in the night, you will send me mail, telling me all about it - revealing your thoughts.

Use the "Send Mail" option at the upper left.