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Hi. I'm new here, but isn't new refreshing??

Hey there, I am known here as Celeste: No as I am sure that you know that is not my real name but how many of you are using your real names? For all intents and purposes here, Celeste will have to do. I am thirty one years old, with no children in my home (excluding the current boyfriend and sub B.,who only acts like a child). An overactive sex drive and one really wild neighbor,whom I am lucky to have. One of my friends and neighbors we call her "Blackberry" here, is a member of keen/niteflirt. When I confided in her that my needs weren't being met and asked if I could join her with some of her regulars. See she's a semi-retired hooker and my resident authority on all things sex. She did the most unexpected thing! She suggested that I start doing phone sex. She said that if I was to mess up my first "healthy" relationship in years just to get laid that I would seriously regret it. Don't get me wrong I am not about to throw away a good sub just for a good fucking. I have already broken him in and he fits already, I have grown quite fond of "my little servant". I asked her about joining her because she seems to have so much fun with it, and she has a slave too. Although the two relationships are very different, bottom line was I needed funding to help make ends meet now in my new apartment. I know this is not usually what you hear here on 'flirt but I thought maybe the truth would be refreshing and also I don't want to disappoint anyone. Sure I've done phone-sex with boyfriends and lovers and let me tell you, ALL of those calls where beyond erotic! I don't think that I have come as hard before or since. I am a cute little "butterball" as they say. I say I am "generously proportioned" for those men that like a bit of meat and potatoes. I know some of you little boys out there need a more substantial figure for your fantasies than one of these bony twats, walking around like bony bimbos are all there is to desire. Ha little do they know! Don't tell them baby, call me up and tell me what you like about a big set of beautiful breasts and a sweet angelic round "little girl face". They might try to position themselves here in my market when they can't hold a candle to all the goodies that Celeste can let you handle.***********AVAILABLE DAY AND NIGHT FOR PHONE ONLY!!!! PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO CPU PROBLEMS I WILL START OUT AS A PHONE GIRL AND WORK MY WAY UP TO THE MORE SOPHISTICATED PHONE AND WEBCAM CATEGORY AS BOTH TIME AND FUNDS ALLOW.