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Secrets to convincing your wife to cuckold you!

I'm a married man who was cuckolded on our first date. My wife changed her promiscuous ways when we got married, but hungered for more. With my help, she was able to break out of her shell and begin playing again and 16 years later our marriage has never been stronger!

We've done the swing scene, and have seen the pitfalls. I can help you communicate your desires to your wife without the embarassment or rejection you might fear. I can also help you work with your wife to determine just what kind of bull she wants and how to narrow down the field of wannabes and jerks so that your wife (and you) have the best experience possible!

I also moderate several mailing lists and host a website, so if your wife decides to "show off" a bit, I can help with that as well.

Remember: ALL discussions are confidential and my advice, while not free, is worth much more than the time you'll waste wondering and fantasizing, and is a LOT cheaper than a divorce! I say this, because some marriages aren't made for cuckolding, and if yours isn't, I'll tell you the truth