Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Do not even DARE to call me yet!

More intense than you ever thought possible. I don't just do "calls", I relentlessly strip you of all that you have.

Listen up

Before I decide whether to spend any time at all talking to you, you need to give me some information about your pathetic life.

You will first, right now, Send Mail to me. Put "i am a worthless scum" in the subject of the Mail.

Your money isn't yours anymore
Your life isn't yours anymore

You are going to spend $25 just to read each of my mails and answer my questions.

You can't resist
You need the degradation & humiliation too bad
And you know you are not worth my time

I want to know your schedule. I want to know things like - When is a good time to dress you up and shove a dildo up your ass?

I want to know your sexual cravings. How bad do you need it? How much will you suffer for it?

I want to know what toys & implements you have available for me to torment you with.

There is no mercy
Your life is mine to control as I wish

After this phase is completed to my satisfaction, I MAY begin to send you assignments in Pay-To-View Mails. Assignments come with a minimum charge of $50.00

Be warned - you will also be required to report to me on these assignments, by phone. I expect these calls to be a minimum of 20 minutes as you report in delicious detail.

And you will love the torment.

I have lawyers wearing ben gay coated plugs at the office. I have Chief Financial Officers with their frilly panties pulled down and laying bare-assed over their desks when they should be focused on the books. I have pilots doing humiliating things on their stopovers.

And you're next
Get the $$$ Picture?

You are going to pay at LEAST $175.00 before you are allowed to even speak to me. IF you are ever allowed to speak to me.

Five (5) Pay-to-View Mails @ $25 each = $125.00.
One (1) Pay-to-View Mail Assignment @ $50 MINIMUM.

I am a Twisted Bitch
And I am not cheap

No Mercy

Suffer for Me

Degradation :: Humiliation :: Sexual Torment ::

That's it, boys - keep those Mails coming. You need this, don't you? You love it. Sacrifice.

Send Mail NOW
...and let the fun begin.
Show me how much you NEED the devastation & degradation - Application