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Lady Catherine La Croix

Internationally known Domina demands obedience At last, you have finally arrived at the proper place to learn your proper place. Perhaps even more important, you have also arrived where your deepest and darkest obsessions can readily be made flesh. But that is indisputably why you tremble at My feet even now. Yes, I thought as much. Continue if you do have the nerve and currently reside or will be in the Seattle/Tacoma and Vancouver, BC areas. You want so very much. And I have so much to give should you indeed prove worthy of My attention. You should initially know I possess a well-deserved and well-established international reputation as not only an accomplished and experienced domina but also sex work activist (COYOTE/Seattle founder) with an erotic resume including elite courtesan, madam, actress and model. While these activities are usually amply distasteful for most polite society, I also represent and serve the Goddess, the Great Mother, as a pagan high priestess, sacred whore and Dianic witch. Not that I'm interested in polite society's sanction. Read My biography, search the Web and you will soon discover I possess far more than the requisite intellect and determinate command for any scene should you be brave enough to actually apply for a session. Suffice it to say My considerable BDSM&F experience and expertise, when combined with My equally considerable erotic and magical skills, furnish far more than what is typically encountered or expected scene. Of course, I would never accept anything less from Myself. Consider the proposition carefully. Are you ready to surrender to the divine Feminine? I am a strict lifestyle and professional mistress who is naturally and instinctively dominant. You need only capitulate to My superior will to quickly grasp why those formerly suppressed and psychologically forbidden desires are now quite readily available at My fair hands. It is a very simple proposition. Embrace the concept of reciprocal return and learn that just as I was born to dominate, titillate and torment, so you were born to submit, suffer, serve and worship. Now it's time to enthusiastically embrace your destiny and yield to this Goddess and Her care.If you are indeed sufficiently courageous, apply to serve this highly intelligent, strikingly attractive, remarkably hedonistic and an altogether assertive Goddess. You can be confident I completely understand your desires: some even before you do. Yes, I will dominate, subjugate, punish, humiliate and even sensually torture you for My pleasure but I never forget that it is for your benefit as well. I am appropriately cruel and sadistic as the occasion demands but deliciously and delightfully so. Comfort yourself with the thought that I can be as warm and protective as your mother's breast or as cold and biting as an arctic night but it will always be singularly appropriate to your service and obedience. Concisely, you will not forget the experience. If you hunger and thirst to fall on your knees in complete surrender to the erotically and sensually satisfying strength of the feminine Divine, immediately forward your application for My review. I work with novices through advanced slaves, sluts and submissives who desire training in the darker realms including all fetishes and forms of BDSM. Expect your limits and experience to be expanded. I am a female supremacist who knows what She prefers and demands nothing less from you than strict obedience. That notwithstanding, I do respect limits even when clients violate their own, value professional and personal ethics, play in a safe, sane and consensual manner and appreciate the depth of character and commitment demanded of true submissives and slaves. You may trust and rely upon Me to make your explorations both enlightening and memorable. I vastly value the incorporation of intelligence, psychology, magic and pagan Goddess thealogy in dominating submissives and slaves. I know who and what I am and enjoy every minute of exercising the power the Goddess has given Me. You would not be the first to describe Me as intimidating but I am also genuinely affectionate with an urbane and refined sense of humor. It is not a theatrical facade but who I am naturally and instinctively. Physically speaking, I am a beautiful 5 feet 10 inches tall (well over 6 feet in heels), 145 pounds, 38DD-28-38, tattooed and pierced, black hair, strikingly gorgeous green eyes, pale complexion, full lips and long legs. I also possess exceptionally beautiful feet and hands which are always manicured, pedicured and polished. Entrust yourself to Me, know your place and find authentic fulfillment.