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Mystress ISIS

Your Submission is My Seduction

The ability to feel deeply, and follow your heart are qualities you will need in order to belong to me..

I am only interested in men who are fearless, unique, and eager to evolve spiritually through their sexuality.

My intent is to one day, completely claim you.

I know some marvelous things about you. I know that you are seeking more than the common man seeks. You think you are seeking a whip to sting you, cruel words to put you in place - and these things may be part of it - but the real reason, the deeper reason you are here, because you want more than just effect.

You need to feel the change in you that can only come from time spent with a woman who is willing to take control, take all your power, take away all your choices.

She must be a confident woman, one whom you can trust to be strong enough to engage you in a true and TOTAL power exchange.

You are looking for the vehicle that will take you through your deepest yearnings, and lead you on your most secret and sacred journey -

the journey that takes you to what you need most - your total submissive freedom.

I possess a quality of Dominance and Personal Power that's uniquely my own.