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The Princesss Ivy

The Princess wants your money, maggots

you are nothing... and soon everyone will know.

I am called The Princess by those who earn My time. Trust Me, maggot, My time is not cheap. For years pathetic people like you have been supporting My lavish lifestyle and it will continue.

Look at how beautiful I am. Gorgeous flowing hair, piercing blue eyes, flawless skin... Are you worthy of worshiping Me? I sincerely doubt it. Think you are not seeing enough of The Princess? All My good slaves get lovely pictures of The Princess in (and out) of fabulous fetish clothes.

The Princess knows you aren't able to handle your finances. Your money is wasted on useless trinkets for unimportant people. Time to learn a harsh lesson; you belong to Me. When you waste money on yourself, I become angry.

Now you must give it all to Me. Don't try to resist. Or even better, do try to resist. In the end, I will have what I want with or without your cooperation. Call Me now with your fist full of bank statements and I will make sure it all gets sorted into the proper place... My pocket.

During the summer My travel can be quite a bit heavier. I will allow you to sponsor My business trips to the city of my choosing. Be sure to thank The Princess with extra gifts.

Here's a short list of the cash you will give to The Princess:

Rent - $600/month

Utilities - $150/month

Cell phone - $70/month

Groceries - $80/week

Travel expenses - $600/bi-monthly

I'm willing to blackmail you for all you have... and then some. your financial wellbeing means nothing. your home life means nothing to Me. your job status means nothing to Me. What does matter is My bank account.

Why are you not talking to The Princess now?