Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

I am a merciless top and a limitless submissive.

Dolcett. DeSade. Dahmer. Ballard. The delicious Beauty books, and the rare REAL clips you find. There is almost nothing sexual I'm not at least familiar with. Personal favorites include the incredibly wide array of things called "BDSM" plus medical sessions, torture, clamps and hooks and gore and other such awfulness, and a terrible appetite for spanking and whipping.

I’m addicted to the suffering little noises a slave makes. I could listen for days. I love to layer pain, change texture or speed or implement or style until the submissive is helpless and lost and can only, feel. I love things that most people pretend to be horrified by, when they probably masturbate to the Gestapo in private.

I specialize in very dark fetish. I prefer to top, and a favorite theme is extreme control--but this is, of course, about what you like.

I'm game for anything from ultravanilla to ultraviolence. Try me. There is no such thing as the subject that will gross me out, make me hang up or laugh, or surprise me in the least. As I said before, you are safe here.

About me in general:

I am very, very GLBTQIS friendly. I am extremely extremely bigot-UNfriendly. Haters, I don’t need your money. Call someone else. This is a safe non-judgemental space where absolutely anything goes. No limits. Bigotry of any kind is the worst kind of limit.

I’m a tall, omnisexual underweight Satanist who likes reasonable drugs and violent music and very good books. I define omnisexual as “will fuck any humanoid that makes my dick hard.” Clear?

I've been in a full time power-exchange as Daddy to my most beloved slave Damien for eight years. X has been my periodic slave and best friend for far too many years. I worked briefly in a dom studio, which I adored.

For the sake of my relationship with Damien I've retired from face-to-face practice. I'm working on going digital-only. I do facetime to a tiny group, all of whom you will "meet"as well as reading some free extreme filth, if you wander over to the closest thing I currently have to a home page.

Filth and Fury

About business:

Until a little maintainence, I am only available for email sessions. I will send instructions or compose fiction as you desire. I charge by the word. You'll find I'm very reasonable.

Tiny samples of writing are available on my Keen homepage. More every week are available at my livejournal, or you can ask about specific subject matter for a fetish-particular sample. No request is too dark or too odd or too, anything. I promise. I probably already have something somewhere--my hard drive is full of text. Or I'll write a few free brain-quicktimes for your chosen subject and you can see if you like my style.

If you do mail me for any reason, I'll probably send you one single quick note to tell you phone sessions are now available. If you don't want me to do that, let me know.

Feel free to send questions, comments, hellos, negotiations, and noise to (whatever it is, look it up) I answer general questions and friendly waves for free and with general delight.

Or check out the livejournal. You just may find your fix. Or at least a little eye candy.

What do you need?

Whatever you're looking for, I hope you find it somewhere, and soon.
Reverend Murder