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Sensual Predation

CockMistress Angelina's Tease and Denial

Riddle me this, yanker:
Are you a big boy with a leaky toy?
Does your silly peter clamor for constant handling?
Do you need a smart sexy woman to coax you into penile obedience?
And... are you man enough to be my boy?

If so, then do yourself a favor by giving CockMistress Angelina, the Net's Original Tease and Denial Masturbatrix, full control of that naughty pole!

Why CockMistress? Read on, stroker...
Sensual predation is my passion. Winding you up...tighter and tighter. PULLING you in...deeper and deeper. Reducing you to rubble is my stock in trade. I'll mindfuck you to a fare-thee-well and leave you cock-stiff, blue-balled and begging for more while I AM SATED.

I don't need special instruments to achieve my goals. I was born with all the bait I need to lead you into my trap. And you? Conveniently enough, you were born with a meat leash between your legs which allows me to lead you around as I choose and mold you as I see fit.

Oh, I know that in your everyday, workaday world you swagger about issuing orders, bossing around the office girls, making big decisions and then you go home to command and be coddled by wifey.

You can leave all those cumbersome trappings at MY door.

Here you come in naked and kneeling IN SUPPLICATION.

Here you enter stroking yourself to glorious throbbing engorgement.

Here your slutty secretary offers peeks of her panties till you're begging to suck her sweetly stained crotch.

Here the teasing high heeled honey giggles while you furiously fuck her leather pump.

Here the nursemaid wifey turns into a Rubber Nurse Masturbatrix.

Here your long suffering gal-pal becomes a merciless Manipulatrix.

Here you're caught between the rock that is CockMistress and the hard place betwixt your legs.

Here you'll find tease and denial beyond compare.
Here you'll be subject to sensual orgasm control.
Here femdom and fetish are used for cock teasing and humiliation.

Here THERE ARE NO white collars ONLY blue balls.
Here you pay by the hour to be CONTROLLED BY pussy power.
Here you make the deposits and I CONTROL the withdrawals.
Here your pole is MINE TO CONTROL.