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Ice Princess

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Take a good look loser. I'm Princess Meghan Thorne.

Age of Perfection: 19
Height: 5′8
Eye Color: Sky blue
Hair Color: Very blonde
Attitude: Fuck you loser
Boyfriend: Several LoL

Boys like you were meant to belong to girls like me. You can’t say no because your lil cock wants to give up control. You know I’m mean. A hot little bitch whose angelic voice and kickin body make you into a slobbering fool. Humiliation in the extreme is what you can expect while you worship my perfect Princess ass in every way I tell you to. I am young, blonde, perfect, and fully aware of my power over you.

What a big boy you thought you were. Until you saw me *giggles* then all of a sudden you were that slobbering fool you try so hard to pretend you aren’t. I know you don’t want people to know, better try and keep me happy, huh? Good luck, haha, I am so hard to please. I know what I do to you, I’ve been doing it to men since I was old enough to wear a skirt. You’re easy. Oh Meghan I love you so much. Oh Meghan do you need anything? Oh Meghan can I buy you a drink? Oh God Meghan you’re so beautiful.

Oh Meghan I would do ANYTHING to be with you.

Men are dirty sluts for me. They suck the cum out of my hot little ass when I get home and laugh at them. They bring me presents just HOPING I will smile at them, knowing full well I’m going to put on the gorgeous things they bought me and walk out the door with someone else. I don’t need you. I’m here for one thing. I want every addicted worm from all over the planet shooting his icky-sticky goo and moaning my fucking name. One million sperm donors means one million bucks for me and you are one of the idiots who is going to make me richer than I already am because I’m young, I’m hot, I’m smart, and I can!

One look at me and you’re fucked.

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