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  Welcome to the Temple, my dear. This is where we worship Mammon, the most powerful of all Gods. I am his High Priestess, dedicated to spending the money of My worshippers in His name.

Don't delude yourself into thinking you are unique, I have ruined men far greater and better than you.

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, 34 years ago. My early years taught me that nothing but the best is good enough for me.

I met my first fool when I was 21, he was a young expert on Risk Finance. The most risky thing he ever did was begging Me to move in. He was at work all day, I was bored ‚ we both agreed I deserved some fun so he gave me an extra card on his Amex. I got up at ten every day, went to have my hair done at the most expensive salon in Prague. Then I had lunch at the Hotel Europa before going home to tell the housekeeper off for not having folded my panties right. He lasted a year before he was drained.

My second fool was an Argentine Cattle Baron, from one of the 100 families. Neighbours with Maradona, vinyards in the Mendoza, summer house in Mar del Plata and chalet in Bariloche. We were rolling in it, until the economy crashed. Gone were his riches and so was I.

The third fool followed less than days later. He was an English aristocrat I met on the flight back to Europe. Such a shame the Concorde didn't run anymore, I had to cope with First Class all the way! Sir Timothy was mesmerised, one look in my eyes and the proud peer was my humble servant. Cricket at Lords, racing at Ascot, weekend parties for 50 people at his country-house in Buckinghamshire. His inherited fortune was not quite as sizeable as he originally thought. He died a broken man, leaving me a free woman and a title.

Now I am looking for fool number four. Will it be you?

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