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OK, I was pushed into putting this listing up. My friends told me I was charging way to little for my services and that I should be trying to find a sugar daddy to take care of me. They will probably make me erase all this and put up stuff like "Spoil this Princess" and crap like that. Ill see if I can squeek this by...hee hee. So, a little about myself. Well, Im 21 and I live in an apartment. On new years, I got fired from my job working as a waitress at dennys, so I thought I would give this a try. I love it. Im having a blast. I hated waitressing, detested it, men always groping on me and sticking thier numbers in my pockets, treating me like I was something especially there for them to put thier hands and yes, even more on. I would go home after work just all exhausted and go into my own world where I could day dream about not having to work, having everything I ever wanted right there, being able to shop and not have to worry if my power was going to get cut off if I bought non generic food. I have dreams like I did when I was younger of meeting a prince and having him sweep me away to a fabulous house and spoiling me rotten with things I would never in a million years be able buy for myself. I guess Im getting a little cheesey, so Ill quit. Hee Hee Ill just sit here with my elbows on the desk, my head in my hands and wait and see if anyone calls this listing....and no, I wont hold my breath...hee hee.

Name: Rebecca, but you can call me Becca

Location:Tacoma, WA

Birthdate: June 1, 1985

Stats: 5'3 98 lbs 30 b cup size three

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Movie: Breakfast At Tiffanys

Favorite Actress: Audrey Hepburn/Sandra Bullock

Favorite Actors: Carey Grant/Brendan Frasier

Favorite Car: Mini Coop

Favorite Sexual Position: On Top

Favorite Animal: German Shepard

Favorite Book: Gone With The Wind

Favorite TV Series: Most Haunted


Hi guys!!! I'm Becca, you're favorite brat. No, really, I may sound nice and all, but I really am a brat, well and Army brat to be more precise. I grew up with my father in the military play with all the GI'

I love to be naughty and I love to role play, I won't say no to any kind of role play you have. Mind you, I have a really sweet voice, so the more dominating roles are hard for me to pull off. I will try my best, that I promise you, plus you may like my innocent voice making you my bitch.

No Taboos...anything goes. I love pushing the envelope. I will never say no to any kind of fetish. I love sex. Im the perfect fuck toy. I love to use my imagination; I have for a very long time. I used to pretend I was a princess or a fairy. I would pretend I was the damsel in distress, waiting for my prince to come rescue me. Nowadays, my imagination is a little more erotic. I still like to pretend I'm the damsel in distress but now, I'm not waiting for the prince to rescue me....I'm enjoying the distress. I have a closet full of dress up clothes for erotic play...from nurse to domme...from maid to ...well, princess. I have an imagination that rivals most muses.

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