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Dreams understood after talking to me, Promise!!

Are you trouble or bothered by a Dream or Vision that you have had, one that you can’t understand or that keeps reoccurring. Call me, I WILL help. I do Dream Interpretation and Vision Interpretation by Masturbation. Masturbating while talking about the dream or vision is clinically proven. When you call me be in a quiet place and call WHILE you are Masturbating. I have been on the other end of the phone asking questions just like you and now I am answering them for you. I PROMISE masturbating and talking to me WILL help those reoccurring dreams and visions. TRY ME. I promise that you will see results or your next call is FREE!..............I will try to make it short and abridged for you...We access all the emotions and the thoughts and images and feelings from the right side of the brain and during the time of great sexual arousal by masturbating the images and thoughts and emotions become stronger. I have a master degree in Behavioral Science and my undergrad degree is in Human Behavior. Studying the human brain during these peak times helps the person reading give a more accurate reading of what the person is really feeling and what is upcoming in the future due to the endorphins that are stimulated by this behavior...(Sorry I didn’t make that too short now did I).:o). So.... do you understand a bit better? If you need more clarification please ask...but I can tell you a reading while I guide you through a full masturbation session and climax is a scientific way to read peoples thoughts. Email me back and let me know what you think or if you have any more questions or if you are ready for a reading and to masturbate.