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I'm Marianne, a curvy blonde 24 year-old librarian with a naughty streak a mile wide! I spend all day penned up in a college library and all I want to do when I get home is-yeah, you guessed it-fuck a deserving boy (or girl) senseless! Me in a nutshell? I'm:
  • A proportionate BBW with 42D breasts and thick strawberry blonde hair, blue-green eyes, creamy skin, and soft, welcoming lips (and yes, I do have pictures from my digital camera!)
  • An incredible fuck! You will love the sound of my sweet, melodious Southern-girl voice, and the incredible noises I make when you turn me on.
  • Absolutely open minded to all kinds of kinky play, toys, and activities! Don't be shy.
  • Sassy and smart college graduate that is totally bisexual, and never snobby!
  • A hot piece of ass who LOVES to dominate a hot little submissive boy and his cock, but also loves to be perfectly submissive for the right person
  • ...absolutely indescribable! Get to know the girl behind these glasses and you won't be sorry.
I love the library, but when things get a little dull, I can't help but let my mind wander... and honestly, sometimes I've done more than that! I'll have to tell you about the time I locked a coed and her boyfriend up in a study room. Mmmm... I fucked her senseless with my mouth and hands as she lay spread-eagled on a table, and lifted up my skirt so the guy could grab my soft, round ass and rub his hard dick up against... Well, let's just say: that was a lot of fun! But I am sure you and I could come up with some hot scenarios of our own. Get it touch with me, Marianne, your hot, wet, nasty librarian, today! I'll be waiting to hear from you. :)