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Stockings with High Heels, or Bare Feet??

Cater to Charlie
More than just your local whore.

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I am Charlie, young and wild. I love being sexy. I know I look good in my jeans or my thongs. I work hard for this body. I eat right, work out and flirt with everyone. It drives my family and friends crazy.

Everyone knows me and everyone knows I like to flirt. I don't fuck everyone, but I flirt with everyone. I leave no rock un-turned. There is something sexy about everyone. I am good at picking it out or making it up.<wink>

I am also a woman who likes to be worshiped, treated like a Princess. I adore submissive men and they worship me. I am not what you would say a mistress, firm and demanding. I am more of a trophy you want to win over, and you are willing to do anything to win me over.

Men are just will to do things for me. They want my attention and they know it will cost them. The price is just sometimes something more than just mere money. Why would I stop with just taking your money when I can have so much more?

I have found that men enjoy talking to me and I enjoy listening. If you sit back and listen you can find out lots of things about a person. I would love to listen to your story.

Tell me about your first kiss, your first fuck, your first love.

Tell me about all your secrets, your desires, your fantasies.

I will take my notes then one by one I will use that information to encourage you to do what I want. You will need to keep my attention so be prepared to give me lots of information.

My callers need to be into more than just a moan and groan whore. My callers want to love and adore me. I am charming, cute and intelligent. I have enjoyed talking to many men here on NF and I hope to enjoy you too.

I like my boys "collared" and my "lovers" thick, black and hung. So what are you hoping for collared or caressed. The size of your dick will make that decision for you.

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