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Queen of the Dark

✨ Speak The Name Of Evil: Queen Anna ✨

Creating perfect faggot sex slaves in My Service. By day, you will be the vanilla Dr. Jekell, by night -- the cock chasing Mr. Hyde

My Satanic Philosophy (why you need Me)

I believe that Women are the guardians of life and its secrets. I believe that all Women carry a tremendous sexual power. I believe that men were created to serve that kind of Woman. I believe that men are born to worship and honor Women. You may be just the type of man that I am talking about. I am the Woman that occupies your darkest dreams, a powerful woman who will enchant you into my empire.

I enjoy hypnosis mind fucking and really enjoy intelligence and wit in a sub, watching you squirm is so pleasurable to me.

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Personally training with me is difficult and life changing. I will taint your soul without hesitation.

Give it up to me, give it up to me, give it up to me, give it up to me, give it up to me,give it up to me, give it up to me. Flicker Flame, Flicker Mind, Flicker Fuck
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I am the goddess you've always wanted, I am the voice that whispers to you from the dark places in your soul. I'm the real deal, cleverer, hotter and more dangerous than any woman you've ever dreamed of – click and begin your journey to Me.
I am a sadistic, bitch princess who will crush you under my stiletto heel.
I am the warped bitch who can break you with a giggle and a snap of my dainty fingers.
I will haunt your sleep, somewhere between wet-dream and nightmare. You need me, there's simply nothing you can do to resist me, after all I am a skilled hypnotist and more than willing to use all sorts of nasty tricks to mind-fuck you into willing slavery.
I delight in seeing tears of pain or humiliation in a submissive's eyes. I adore fetish garments, my high sexy heels, my lucious fur coats, my shiny latex, the scent of fine leather, or the feeling of one of my long shapely legs encased in a gorgeous boot or silken nylon.
I know I'm just the evil bitch you've been looking for all your life.
Some of my interests include: Blasphemy, Religious Hersey, Inflicting pain, Inflicting pleasure, Bondage, Hypnotic control, Cuckolding, Manic-Pixie Dream Girl fantasies, Feminization, Bisexual encouragement, Brand humiliation, Shoe and boot worship, Nylons, pantyhose, stockings, Alchemy, Dream Interpretation, Financial domination, Puppy play, Pet play, Bullying, Spells, Hair fetish, Demon Roleplay, Therapist roleplay, Religious scenes, Slut training, Pony play, Blackmail games, Tease and Denial, Roleplay, Flogging, Mindfuck, Past Life Regressions, Long finger nail worship, Corsetry, Strap on humiliation, Teacher scenes, Maid training, Interrogation, Intoxication, Latex, Gloves, Leather, CBT, and, of course, Mind Blowing Transgressions.