Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.


      Unlike most "dommes" on here I understand who and what you are. I am into the lifestyle and have done it real time. I understand there is WAY more to being a domme than calling you some names. I know that most submissive men are actually very powerful in the real world, doctors, lawyers, businessmen. Because they weld so much power they find it highly erotic to give it up to a woman. Most of the submissive men I have had dealings with were highly intelligent and educated.

     So why chose me you may ask? Because I am also highly intelligent. Creative, intuative and I enjoy what I do. I am a single mom and a student that works full time, so I don't have much power in the real world...yet. I find being handed that power just as erotic as you do releasing it to me. When I hold my crop in my hand I get this rush though my body that leads to right between my legs.

     I also have a gift for reading men and figuring out what makes them tick, and revealing their secret desires. But the most important reason of all is this; I know that this is a very strong fetish, it's not something you want, it's something you need. And in most cases it's your dirty little secret, not something you feel safe revealing to your wife or girlfriend. I am safe and understanding, nothing shocks me.

     When you talk to me you can be the real you and I won't judge you. I will repect and gently push your limits, but know when to pull back, as any good Domme should do. I have experience in many aspects of the D/s world and with most of the common submissive fantasies. I have been submissive myself in the past and learned my craft from the ground up, which is why I understand you so very well. So I think you should stop reading and call me, don't you? You won't be sorry you did.