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sinful slave

uninhibited and experienced....

ad The room has a soft rosy my state of mind. You watch as I squeeze and caress my other breast, and agony of pleasure hits my mind. Sometimes the simplest things can do that. My eyes shift, I lean my head back...lips parted slightly...a soft moan slipping from them as I clamp my other nipple.  I slowly fall to my knees...feeling too weak to stand, thighs spread wide apart, now resting back on my ankles. There is sufficient light that You can see moist droplets of fluid glisten on my smooth shaven lips. Even the air is starting to smell of my arousal and perfume I am so warm. My hands travel down over my tummy, pushing, undulating, imagining how You  might touch me ... but not quite yet. They fall between my inner thighs, stoking down to my knees and then back up again. Resting on either side of my pussy lips and then squeezing rhythmically, my hips urging forward in tempo.

Do you dream
of having someone to bend to your will,

to control with your words,
to use at your disposal?

Do you ache
to degrade and humiliate...
to use someone
as the dark corners
of your mind dream to?

Do you thrive
on bringing out the core of a true submissive

and stroking her needs by fulfilling your own? 

Do you feed
off of seeing and hearing someone

give in to her own desires by fulfilling yours?


I am a lifestyle submissive with over five years rt experience. 

I like to walk along the edge...taste the thrill...the anticipation.
I have experience in a broad scope of bdsm activities.  The scope contains many things from sensual play to extreme and each of them has it's own rush.  If  you want to know more or you want to play.... call me.