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Sophia Sommers

Financial Domination never hurt so good! CALL NOW

~ Sophia Sommers ~
Perfection Personified


I'm losing MY patience with you MY pet...
I suggest you load up your account and call ME
immediately and pay for all of the sins of your
fellow men... You are such a pathetic excuse for
a gender, aren't you? You need to bow down before
Me and make yourself available to make all of MY
dreams come true... Here piggy, piggy...
Come to Sophia...

You've finally come to understand
that the money you earn is mine...

Very good fuckwad...

No more clinging to the material world...
it's such a bore anyway... now you
have Me and what could possibly more
important than that, silly boy...

I'm so thrilled you've come to understand
your place in My world... I love how you
willingly hand over all of your money to
Me in an attempt to gain My affections...
Do you long to be My #1? Oh, I do hope so.
.. that makes you that much more eager to
please, doesn't it My pet? ~Wicked grin~

I am expecting great things from you My
new slithering li'l pay slug... You are
becoming more and more seduced by
Sophia Sommers... everytime you gaze
at My pictures longingly... everytime
you find yourself thinking of Me...
everytime a sexual thought even crosses
your mind, you will think of Me and put more
money aside to call Me or pay Me a tribute...
I am now your entire world!
Feel your head cloud as you realize
you don't have an original thought left
in that puny little brain of yours...
I have assimilated you into My realm...
Surrender completely and I will keep
you safe in My orgasmic ocean...


Surrender completely

There is no other way

This listing is an example of how creative and adventurous I can be... I am fascinated by different fetishes and fantasies and love to explore all kinds... I find the topic of financial domination especially intriguing since I have often found myself being the recipient of gifts and money from men in my life at different times for no apparent reason other than just seeming to be mesmerized by my beauty (inner and outer) or simply enjoying the confidence I exude... so by all means, cum spend time with me and shower me with gifts and money... there is nothing more fun!

UPDATE - All men will bow down before ME know and serve. I have grown tired of their pathetic asses and have decided to use them all for MY pleasure... yes, that means you too, fuckwad... pay ME now!