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Innocence Lost

Sweet Submissive Needs A Master

In my heart i know that there is only one thing that will completely satisfy me, one thing that will allow me to be the person i know that i can be. That one thing is a strong, powerful Master.

This is what i crave, what i dream about when i'm sleeping and fantasize about when i'm awake. A Master who will use me, train me, make me into His perfect little slut and fuck bunny. Of course i completely understand that i won't get it right the first time. i'll probably screw something up and need to be punished for it. But this is also something i need. I know that correction is important so if You have to pinch, pull or clamp my nipples, pour hot wax over my most sensitive areas, whip my breasts or tummy or ass or doesn't matter 'cause I know that You're only doing it for my own good. You're just trying to make me into the best submissive there is. i know that i have so much to learn but i must humbly tell You that nowhere will You find a girl so willing and wanting to be Yours. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that i won't do for You. Your wish will truly be my command.

Please, i'm begging You. This formerlly innocent girl needs the strength and discipline that only a true Master can provide. Teach me to serve You, to please You in every way. Take me out and show me off to Your friends. Make me do the most embarrasing things until i learn that whatever Your wish might be, it's my duty to comply without question. Give me instructions to complete when we're not together so that i can show You my obedience the next time You call.

i want to offer You myself, every inch of my body will belong to You for You to use in whatever manner pleases You. my need is to serve You and become the ultimate sumbmissive slut that i know i can be.

Master, i know that there are many other girls here for You to choose from. All that i can ask is that You allow me the chance to show You how obedient i can be when it's Your strong hand guiding me. Let me show You my sincerity and true desire to serve a Master such as Yourself.

even a sweet little subbie like me deserves a treat now and then right?????