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Fantasy - - - Share Your Wildest Dreams With Me

What's Your Fantasy???

I love to chat with those individuals whose fantasies are wilder, than norm or kinkier and yes erotic , even the taboo, I love it ALL!!!

Nothing is too far out there for me and I DO mean nothing. I love to fantasize and role-play the more creative the better. Remember the magic lantern, what if the genie was your sex slave???

Ever wonder what it would have been like if when Alice stepped through that looking glass she entered a world of eroticism? I must admit I have. Think about the possibilities. All the sexual adventures that Alice could have experienced. Any ideas? Suggestions?

Is there a movie scene that made you hot? Did you find yourself expounding on that scene? Changing it into something more intense or sexual?

What books have you read that got your heart to pumping and your body to tingling? What about those lovely child hood favorite comic books, Batman for example. What would have occurred if Catwoman was able to get the better of Batman?

Or perhaps you see me walking home alone one night, I turn down a dark deserted path and your steps echo mine....


Maybe you prefer things more along the norm. Is there something you wished would have happened and years later you find yourself returning to those memories and still wonder what would have happened if only......